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Dr. D has helped me with anger issues, how to be assertive, how to smile and not to be anger.  To love everyone in spite of what they    might think of you. I had a problem with how; people though of      me and she taught me how to be a friend, as she has been to me.  

From T. Lewis

This program is a motivation key towards your life's goals....this      service is gated toward taking steps, at your pace, to advancing      through life's daily struggles.  This program affirms you can make  

it being apart of the best support system in Baltimore City.            

To God be the Glory.                                                                         

 From J. Wilson

Dr. D, just wanna let you know I been good at staying positive.  I    completed training as a solar technician & installation school         today Thank you, I have no probation.  I'm clean and now working   on getting my apartment.  Please tell Mr. Jackson I send my love.    Love you too, for reminding me how to stay strong and focus on      my worth.                                                                                          

From T. Coleman

Dr. Dee saved my life.  When I first met her, I was truly a mess,  I     didn't know who I was.  Dr. Dee instilled in me a coping skills, so I   could positively live life on life terms.,  Now, I know who I am, with a strong foundation.  She helped me to be independent and as a    result I have my own place, have been baptized and now I'm a        usher at my church.  God is good.  Thanks and God bless you          

Dr. Martin.                                                                                        

From P. McCray

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